Welcome to QuestCore - a role-playing game system made for all quests.

The Game

QuestCore is role-playing game system is made to be used in any setting from fantasy to science-fiction.
This system is made to be quite easy to learn. It has a quick and tactical combat resolution.
The system consist of three main parts. Abilities, Skills and Focus.


Abilities are the basic attributes of a character such as Strength and Agility.


Skills are things you can learn and improve by training such as Dodge and Open lock.


Focuses are all the special abilites that a character or other creature in the world might have. Examples of focuses are Sweeping attack, Improved initiative, and Great speed. Focuses might also be magical abilities such as Fireball spell and racial abilities such as Darkvision.

The StormRing Campaign Setting

StormRing is the official setting of the QuestCore role-playing game. Be sure to check out the StormRing site.

Megaton Games

Questcore is created and published by Megaton Games. Visit Megaton Games.